gennaio, 2019

201911genTutto il Giorno20In Evidenza2019 KOREA IIT - INTERNATIONAL INTENSIVE TRAININGSouth Korea(Tutto il Giorno) Dongguk University, Dongguk University - Manhae-maeul Manhae-ro 91 Organizzatore: CNVC - The Center for Nonviolent Communication

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This International Intensive Training (IIT) is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication “immersion experience.” It is a residential workshop led by a team of experienced CNVC certified trainers. The purpose of this IIT training is to offer people the opportunity to live the process of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication in an international community over an extended period of time, in order to develop Nonviolent Communication knowledge, skills and consciousness.

Seminar Language: English with Korean translation


  • Shona Cameron (United Kingdom)
  • Giacomo Poleschi (Italy)
  • Marianne Göthlin (Sweden)
  • Kristin Masters (USA)
  • Chris Rajendram (Sri Lanka)



gennaio 11 (Venerdì) - 20 (Domenica)


Dongguk University

Dongguk University - Manhae-maeul Manhae-ro 91


CNVC - The Center for Nonviolent 9301 Indian School Rd NE Suite 204 Albuquerque, NM 87112-2861 USA