aprile, 2019

201922aprTutto il Giorno28In EvidenzaLEE Lab Berlino - Life Enriching Education LaboratoryBerlin(Tutto il Giorno) Paulinen Hof Seminarhotel, Kuhlowitzer Dorfstraße 1 Organizzatore: NVC in Education

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The Life Enriching Education Laboratory (LEE LAB)  is uniquely designed to offer both a structured and open learning environment. The LEE LAB is an opportunity to share, explore and learn together so that in these 6 days you will have  the experience of co-creating a life-enriching learning community and truly living the values of NVC in an educational setting.

We aim to co-create a safe and supportive learning environment with you, where everybody is seen as a teacher and learner and where everyone that wants to, would come out with clarity and action plans for their life-enriching education project.

Seminar Language: English


  • Shona Cameron (United Kingdom)
  • Giacomo Poleschi (Italy)
  • Marianne Göthlin (Sweden)
  • Towe Widstrand (Sweden)
  • Gabriele Grunt (Austria)
  • Corrylaura Van Bladel (Belgium)



aprile 22 (Lunedì) - 28 (Domenica)


Paulinen Hof Seminarhotel

Kuhlowitzer Dorfstraße 1


Paulinen Hof SeminarhotelKuhlowitzer Dorfstraße 1